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Listening to music or making music yourself is one of the most beautiful moments in life for many people. Why should you have to abandon this because of a partial hearing loss?

Are you a professional musician? Corrected hearing is of vital importance for your long-lasting career.

My knowledge of sound engineering allows me get the best out of your hearing aids and fit them not only in the audiological correct way, but also to your individual listening needs and taste.

The above picture shows me when preparing Klangfinder-Samples at my office in Vienna. Sometimes, for customers living abroad, this is a very helpful method to demonstrate different hearing aid strategies.

Buy the right hearing aids in 6 steps

1.       First consultation

The first consultation of 30 minutes is for free during which our trained audiologist gives you an overview of the services that could be of help to solve your hearing difficulties. We evaluate your medical records and advise you on any further examinations that may be required.

We highly recommend visiting the ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT specialist) to exclude any medical reasons that could impact on your hearing ability, and to receive a prescription for hearing aids.

2.      Audiological listening adjustment training testing services

First time users – a pair of hearing aids is made available to you to test over a three-week period. During this time your hearing adjusts to listening with hearing aids. A weekly appointment is scheduled with the audiologist to conduct any audiological testing needed and to support and change any settings required.

  • Audiological listening adjustment training testing services (without continuation to step 3) € 250.-

Existing users – you can skip step 2 and move on to step 3 or 7.

3.      Choice of your individual hearing aid: KlangFinder session

We program different brands of hearing aids with your audiological test results. We use the artificial KlangFinder-head, a demonstration tool, to show the differences between the hearing aid brands in a live setting. It´s easy to brand switch and to find the optimal solution for your hearing.

Ideally you bring a close friend or a family member whose voice you are well acquainted with and some pieces of music that you are fond of. We will prioritize your brand preference to test in real life situations (see step 4) in order to optimize your choice of hearing aids.

  • KlangFinder session (without continuation to step 4) € 350.-

4.     Testing phase and fine tuning

To test your selected hearing aids, we ask you to wear them in your daily life which allows us to fine tune the amplification and create special programs for the theatre or other situations if needed. We present alternative models of the chosen manufacturer at different price levels and match them with your personal needs.

To finalize the process, we will check your adjusted hearing by means of a speech test. At this stage we will issue an invoice and after having received payment, we will forward the invoice and payment receipt to the social security so that you can receive your refund efficiently. In most cases, the Austrian social security refunds between 80-100% of their categorized rates for these services.

5.      Service support

Depending on the level of utilization, you will need to cleanse your hearing aids on a regular basis. You have the option to come and see us every three or six months and we will clean your hearing aids for you. We are also happy to show you how to clean your hearing aids yourself. To support you we equip you with the necessary tools and cleaning agents.

6.     Post adjustments and services

At any time, you are welcome to make an appointment (at no further costs) to have your hearing aids cleaned, repaired, have your hearing checked, to modify the amplification of your hearing aids and of course, to answer any further questions. This is also part of our inclusive service. Please note that major repairs can incur costs.

7.     You already have hearing aids but need some support?

I am happy to provide all of the above services to you at a consulting price of € 180.- per hour.


Audienz appointment

Arrange a non-binding and individual appointment with me to find out about the possibilities and different types of instruments for enjoying music and for listening to it with Klangfinder! Together, we will discuss which package is appropriate for you in your life situation.

Please check with your ENT doctor before the appointment to make sure your auditory canals are free of wax (important for an impression) and DO NOT clean them with cotton swabs!