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In-ear monitors

Consistent sound pattern, regardless of your environment and place on stage! In-ear monitors offer ideal hearing protection in stage acoustics, since they prevent high noise exposure from fixed monitors. Ideal for touring bands, musicians and presenters or simply for listening to music on the go.

Now you alone decide how loud you want to listen to your music!

Test in-ear monitors at Audienz

We provide manufacturer-independent consultation!

Best bring your own music on CD as a reference.

Rebecca_1147 wearing our ACS Evolve!






Our own brand: Comfortable InEar monitors made from soft silicone – unique in Europe and only from ACS London! Ideal for singers who prefer a softer material in their ear canals.

Test monitors:

Evolve Uni (1-way system)

Evoke Uni (3-way system)

Encore Custom (5-way system)

T2 Live! (currently without Live! Belt-pack)

Made from soft silicone by ACS London

(Among others) used by:

Johann Sebastian Bass
Wiener Wahnsinn


Good monitoring is essential for musicians. Thanks to the professional consultation from Audienz, I found trustworthy InEar monitoring with SD2 that gives me perfect sound on stage and in the rehearsal room.“ -Chris Ego BROKEN EGO

StageDiver is universal fit – no impression required. It comes with four different tips and can alternatively also be used with ComplyFoams T400

We also have ProPhile 8 in size M for you to test!

StageDiver 2 / 3 / 4  => become Live Pro series when custom made!

HiFi Test: 05/2013 Test result: StageDiver_HT513_S.138

Ear In: 01/2014 Test result: StageDiver_EarIn_S.68-69Druck

Made from hard acrylic by InEar Roßdorf

(Among others) used by:

Wiener Wahnsinn

InEar guidelines for sound engineering

Mag. art. Thomas Egger from dieklangschmiede has written guidelines for sound engineers, which we gladly share with you here (in German): 201700417 InEar Monitoring – Tontechnischer Leitfaden

If you have any further questions, just call Thomas!

Ear impressions in the rehearsal room

The whole band wants to buy in-ears? Stay right where you are. I am happy to personally come to your rehearsal room (in and around Vienna) to present my products and take your ear impressions! No travel expenses charged when purchasing 3 or more InEar devices.

Our ear impressions are digitally scanned and stored using cutting-edge 3D technology.

Quality and clarity of sound are the trademarks of our in-ear monitors.

Current prices for InEar devices and hearing protection: 201711_Preise_AT

Please no endorsement/sponsoring requests unless it is the best advertising deal ever.

The first step in getting your in-ear monitor is the precise impression by an audiologist to ensure precision fit and highest wearing comfort.

Personal consultation at Audienz

Schedule a personal consultation with me to learn about all the possibilities of in-ear monitoring and to test to various monitors. Together, we will determine which device/option is most appropriate for your individual needs.

Please consult with your family doctor (or ENT) before any appointment to ensure your ears are free of cerumen (very important for taking ear impressions) and DO NOT clean your ears with cotton swabs!