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Hearing protection

Personalized hearing protectors offer high wearing comfort and ideal noise cancellation and thus the best possible protection for your ears. Special offers for musicians!


Audienz offers a wide range of ear protection for different areas of application. Whether it is protection for the workplace or specific noise-cancelling protection for musicians, all our customized earplugs have a certificate and are made with cutting edge digital 3D technology combined with certified manual work.



New from London! Developed by musicians for musicians. Try it out – we believe it´s worth it!

Let us together find the best solution for you, your instrument, and your place in big band, orchestra or rehearsal room – and then let us build this customized solution for you.

With the ACS Pro line, we offer 6 different music-specific filter strengths which you can easily exchange yourself.

  • Compact design for optimum wearing comfort and discreet look.
  • Choice of 5 filter strengths plus blocker (as opposed to only 3 in comparable products)
  • Customizable options: Color, cord, and laser engraving
  • Hearing test check with and without hearing protection to select the best filter
  • Ear impression is digitally stored, so no repeat impression required to reproduce lost devices.

€260        per pair


With an additional filter pair for just € 295 instead of €330 for members of the mdw Alumni Club!

Here you can view ACS product sheets and here you’ll find more information about our certified German laboratory (please note that pricing on the site does not include ear impression or check).

More information about the philosophy of ACS Custom and its founder Andy Shiach can be found here.

We can also verify the seal your trusted old ER music hearing protection for you.

Office and School

The noise and conversations in your open plan office impact your concentration at work and you can’t switch offices? You are teaching at school and find the high noise level in class very tiresome?

We offer products in various price categories and materials (both hard and soft) and are happy to advise you on them.

Additionally, we also offer two-driver-earphones fitting perfectly into the mould of the filter of the ER-Plugs: This offers optimum insulation of environmental noise and allows you to listen to music also at low volumes again. Also great for listening to music in public transportation!

  • Compact design for optimum wearing comfort and discreet look.
  • Digital storage of your ear impressions

€210     per pair

€270     per pair of ER hearing protectors plus headphones when buying a whole package

€70       for later individual purchase of the headphones


Our sleeping protection is made of very soft silicone, so you will hardly notice it in your ear. Thanks to the mould at the beginning of your ear channel, it also allows sleeping on your side. If you prefer a maximum of damping and a grip then we recommend the second design on the picture below:


€123       per pair

Give sleep a chance!


Special hearing protection for bikers that can be comfortably worn under a helmet.

Protects against engine noise. Swiss quality!

bike1dB Motorrad-001

165 €    Jrenum LD18, including color and engraving of your choice; cord optiona; hard material

You are not looking for individual ear protection just yet? We also offer standard hearing protection – still beats stuffing cotton in your ears!

Appointment at Audienz

Schedule a personal consultation with us and learn how you can protect your hearing. Together, we will identify the best type of hearing protection for your individual needs.

Please consult with your family doctor (or ENT) before any appointment to ensure your ears are free of cerumen (very important for taking ear impressions) and DO NOT clean your ears with cotton swabs!

For quality reasons, we recommend doing an audiological test of your hearing before purchasing any hearing protection system (50% of the cost of the complete hearing test will be offset with any subsequent hearing protection purchase).

More information

How can you best protect against noise damage in your musical environment? What effect does each instrument have? Which seating is best? Enter your email address here with the subject line “Factsheets hearing protection” and we will email you the relevant information.

Hearing protection voucher

The perfect gift for your melomaniac friends:

Professional consultation and an exclusive range designed specifically for musicians!

Voucher for ACS Pro hearing protection for musicians including hearing screening and

ear impression for €260.

(Duration: approx. 1h, manufacturing time approx. 10 days)

You can also conveniently order the hearing protection voucher via email:

Order your hearing protection voucher today!